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raw, bald and inspired

Susan’s first chapbook of poetry, raw, bald and inspired, is a compilation of poems from when she was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer to when treatment started working. It’s available for purchase through All proceeds benefit the Michigan … Continue reading

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How not to meditate

Wear your tightest jeans not the stretchy kind the ones that pinch at the waist so your midriff folds over and it’s hard to breathe. Recall a recent conversation where you felt misunderstood and analyze what you should have said. … Continue reading

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Susan reading at the Riverside Art Gallery

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Can meditation change your perception of time? (excerpt from Huffington Post Healthy Living)

The very fact that time is precious is the reason we should meditate. I have found that taking time to meditate gives me time — the same way that exercising takes energy but ultimately helps one have more energy. For … Continue reading

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Meditate on Gratitude

  Susan Morales, M.S.W. Reprinted from Huffington Post Healthy Living Nov. 22, 2011 A few years ago, our British guests were touched and in awe at our Thanksgiving dinner tradition of telling each other why we are grateful. My 3-year-old … Continue reading

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Meditation: The elixir for all our mental ailments?

Excerpt from Huffington Post article published June 20, 2011 Sometimes I feel like the stereotype of the snake oil salesperson as I tout the benefits of meditation. It reduces anxiety, depression and physical pain. It increases productivity and creativity. With … Continue reading

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Use a guided meditation to take a vacation from stress

For me a guided meditation or centering technique is a poetic journey that my mind agrees to take. By simply choosing to use a guided meditation there’s a subtle letting go, like receiving a massage. The mind can stop working, … Continue reading

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Sitting cross-legged on the floor can benefit your meditation

  The first fundamental I propose in setting up a meditation practice is to get comfortable. (See Fundamentals post in March, 2011.) So, is sitting on the floor out of the question? I hope not. To begin with I’ll try … Continue reading

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A meditation method: Notice what you notice

  You’ve had the experience, haven’t you, of becoming aware of something that’s always been there but hadn’t caught your attention? A photograph on the wall of your favorite restaurant, a colleague’s shoes, a tree limb sticking out over the … Continue reading

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Breath to brain meditation technique for slowing your thougths

This technique came to me one day when I was meditating and trying to soften the clatter going on in my mind. Especially when I wake up at my usual time 7 – 7:30am and go to sit in my … Continue reading

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