A Barroom View of Love

The title of my first novel, A Barroom View of Love, comes from the poem of that name by Hafiz, the great Sufi poet of the 14th century. Like the poem my book is about love. Not the gushy, sentimental or romantic kind, but the kind that can even spring from the dark recesses of our most rigid beliefs.

Here’s a short synopsis: Ambitious and hardworking psychology professor Katherine Sullivan’s own anxiety peaks when she learns her mother has attended an ashram and is suddenly cheerful and carefree. Katherine doesn’t trust the change and goes to the upstate Pennsylvania Vidya Shakti Center to investigate. Her mother has been conned before. Katherine gets more determined when she learns her mother plans on leaving a substantial part of her estate, and Katherine’s inheritance to the ashram. Ultimately, Katherine’s external investigation turns inward and the result is nothing she could have imagined.

“I just finished a marvelous book — A Barroom View of Love. I could not put it down. Writing with intelligence and wit, Morales does an amazing job of capturing both the inner and outer journey of Katherine’s quest for forgiveness and enlightenment. I love this book!”

Therese Stanton, Winner of the Rona Jaffee Prize for Fiction

…A Barroom View of Love…follows Katherine, a skeptical young woman forced to confront and explore her own spirituality, as she tries to unravel the mystery of her mother’s involvement in a spiritual path that seems to have transformed her from the chronically-depressed, anxious woman Katherine has known all her life, into a genuinely happy, fulfilled person. Oh, yes, there’s also a love story here. Think a little bit Eat, Pray, Love, minus the Eat part, plus a mystery.

San Slomovitz, reviewer, Current Magazine, Nov. 2010.

Morales’ lovely book is about more than one woman’s adventure. It is a story of love, faith, and how we learn to pay attention – mothers to daughters, daughters to mothers, and each of us to whatever surrounds and makes us who we are. Read this glistening account of how we find ourselves in the most unlikely places.

Rachel DeWoskin, author of Foreign Babes in Beijing, Repeat After Me, and Big Girl Small

To purchase this book, contact the author at susanmmorales@yahoo.com.


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