Sitting cross-legged on the floor can benefit your meditation

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The first fundamental I propose in setting up a meditation practice is to get comfortable. (See Fundamentals post in March, 2011.) So, is sitting on the floor out of the question? I hope not. To begin with I’ll try to convince you of the benefits so maybe you’ll give it a try. Then I’ll offer some ideas on how to make it comfortable.

I find sitting cross-legged either on a wide seated chair or on the floor helps me get focused. It takes me out of my usual routine and shouts to me: “You’re going to meditate now!” Why not give meditation a grand entrance?

My legs become engaged in an active, and completely different way, than usual. This moves my attention from my thoughts and into my body. It keeps me meditating instead of daydreaming.

I also associate sitting on the floor with my childhood. I feel  younger, more flexible physically and mentally.

So, I hope I’ve talked you into trying it, at least. Here are the pointers to make this as comfortable as possible:

Find a high-enough cushion or stack of blankets so that your knees are level or lower than your hips. If they are level, put additional blankets or supports of some kind under your thighs.

For back support, sit against a wall with a small pillow at your back.

For neck support, use one of those travel pillows on your shoulders.

If your ankles hurt, wrap them with socks.

And, lastly, if you are still uncomfortable, take some deep breaths and change your posture. See for additional ideas.

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