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In my work as a psychotherapist and meditation teacher I have learned from my clients and students as well as through my own experience that when we focus on our strengths we are happier and healthier.

In Be Who You Love meditation classes, workshops and retreats we enter the quiet space that always exists within us in order to call forth our best selves. Although this sounds simple and can have immediate results, sustaining a state of peace and equilibrium usually takes considerable practice.

In the traditions I have studied and practiced, the breath, a mantra or an object of focus are the techniques used for meditating. In my experience, I have more success when I utilize a variety of techniques depending on whether it’s my mind (obsessive thinking, for example)or body (pain or tightness, for example) that is in the way.


University of Michigan, BA 1969, MSW, 1987

Current Activities

I teach Be Who You Love meditation retreats and workshops and write a blog for the health page of annarbor.com on meditation. I’ve recently published the novelĀ  A Barroom View of Love (see the home page) and am working on writing my spiritual memoir/meditation guide. I love writing and reading poetry and have been published in many journals.


Being wife to Elmo; mother to Christina and Papo; mother-in-law to Brent; “Bita” to Max and Grandma Susan to Xander and Maverick.



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  1. Roberta says:

    Yes this is really a meyrsty !! What is makes the different between a enlightend one and other is ONLY this part of brain. An enlightend being has flow and other not but when we are connect to them then some level of flow come back as i see all of you during in satsang what a meyrsty

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