The Crow Who Was Not Asked to Stay

What’s the story about?

The Crow Who Was Not Asked To Stay by Susan Scott Morales

Illustration by Seth Saint Pierre

The narrator hates crows and tries unsuccessfully to get rid of a noisy bird that picks at her broom and leaves feathers on her porch. Meanwhile the robins are invited in as beloved guests with a bird feeder. One day a hawk spots a robin’s nest and the crow chases it away. The narrator loves the crow’s bravery and beauty and is happy the crow chose to stay.

Who will enjoy this book?

Although written for 3 – 7 year olds, the underlying metaphor and beautiful illustrations make this book appealing to readers of all ages. Grandparents will particularly love the book as it is written from the perspective of an older, wise woman.

About the Book

In its early stages, The Crow Who Was Not Asked to Stay, was titled “Villanelle.” The structured, 19-line poem was an assignment for a class I was taking. One day I saw 3 robins and a crow fly past my car as I drove out of my driveway. The line “Three robins and a crow came to my home” popped into my head and became an inspiration. After workshopping the poem and considerable editing, I read it to my then 4 year-old grandson, Xander. He laughed at a couple lines. I was pleased with his response and had the thought, this could be a children’s book. Then the tipping point came a month later when I heard him spontaneously recite the first and last stanzas — after only hearing the poem once. The poem was destined to become a children’s book.

Many revisions later and after a long search for an illustrator, the book took form. I believe I am very lucky to have worked with Seth Saint Pierre, an extremely talented artist who understood the deep layers of the poem and with creative insight brought forth even more dimensions.

About the Illustrator

A Michigan resident, illustrator Seth Saint Pierre has been drawing ever since in diapers and has never put down the pen, paint brush, stylus or whatever element he could find to express his craft.

Seth has designed book covers for authors, sketched successful concept designs for national and international companies and has been hired to illustrate schematics for construction companies.

In 2011 he was selected as the Emerging Artist for the national art organization, Heidelberg. That year he had his first gallery exhibit.

What one reader (via Albuquerque artist Ray Pena) had to say:








The Crow Who Was Not Asked to Stay is now available in hardcover ($20) and softcover ($15) plus shipping and handling.

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  1. Auntie Martha San says:


    You have really done it!
    Given your writing dream wings!

    And I am crowing for you!!!

    Caw caw caw CAWW !!!!!

    Love always,


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